About The Smokey Shelter

We are two brothers from the South who like to get together on Saturday nights and drink a few and talk about a lot of different subjects. We do from time to time have guest out to join us. We also want fan participation so give us feedback and suggestions. We will read every email on the podcast (boy scout's honor). If you like what your hear then spread the word. 

The Smokey Shelter is a safe zone for all forms of entertainment. We welcome all to both listen and speak. Don't be afraid to voice your opinions here. We make it easy for you to spread the word on your own artistic expression, while helping others to do the same. Take a tour around the The Smokey Shelter and see if there are any projects here that catch your attention and if so share them with your friends. 

Contact us at thesmokeyshelter@gmail.com with any feedback or suggestions. We welcome all.

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